According ot the official website, Mathjax is used to

  • show mathematical formulas in the browser
  • No need for the reader to make the extra setup.
  • Use MathML, TeX and ASCIImath as input and produce HTML+CSS format.

Earlier trend

Plain text was used to represent formulas which made the structure look bad on some screens

Mathematical formulas were also represented in the form of images.

Visually impared people can't know what's written on the screen with their screen reader softwares

To solve these problems MathJax was created.

What is MathJax?

It is a javascript library that let us embed mathematical formulas into the browser.

It can work with Tex, LaTex or MathML to write formulas.


It can be Implemented in two ways.

  1. The most common and easier is to link to the public installation available at the MathJax CDN.
  2. Downloading and Installing for personal use and development.

CDN Implementation

repository cloning