These 6 reasons for writing a list post will blow your mind

December 4, 2018 · 6 mins read
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We have always seen professional bloggers asking us to write a list post. They keep praising this art of writing a blog post. But to my surprise, not many people are following them.

They are still writing in that old way with a lot of long paragraphs and limit themselves from reaching that great audience who want to read the content in a more cleaner and simpler way.

In this post, we are going to discuss some of the benefits of writing a list post which in my opinion, is the best way of writing a blog post.

After reading this post you will definitely be going to write posts in a list format for a long time to come. At the same time, you will get more traffic and a more satisfying reader.

Following are the 6 reasons you should be writing a blog post in a listed format.

1. List Posts are good for SEO

Take out your pen and paper( which you might have left somewhere in your store) and start writing the something on two separate pages. One with lists and the other without them.

Which one is easier to read? Of course, it’s going to be the one with lists. Why?

The reason behind this is psychological. People tend not to read the stuff in one go. They try to skim through the content by reading the main headlines first.

Once they see a few headlines in the text, they feel like the given text contains far more information than the other counterpart. So they choose the prior for reading.

As it is easier for a human to read the content, It is easier to read for the search engine as well.

The search engine can easily skim through the content and will easily find the content that you are trying to share.

This also improves the search engine ranking of your page.

2. List Posts are Faster to Read

We already know this benefit, whenever we are reading a list post, we can read faster.

After skimming through the content, we already know what the writer is going to talk about in the given list point.

All these points make a list post a faster read.

3. List Posts are easier to remember

According to a survey, people tend to remember something more while reading if the text contain a few bulleted points. People also try to remember lists with numbers.

This is the reason why professionals recommend us to write numbers in the list headers. Once you read a post with bulleted points, you will find it easier to remember the point even after a long time.

4. List posts are not boring

How many times did it happen to you, when you were trying to read something but were not able to read for a long because of the way in which the content was represented.

Writing things without lists make it boring and people tend to spend very less time with the post.

The outcome is of increased Bounce rate which is not good. You should allow the reader to check out at least a few pages on your website before leaving.

5. List Posts saves time

List Posts allow you to spend lesser time to understand the topic. With the List heading, you are telling the reader, this is what we are going to talk about in the next few paragraphs.

Write List Posts and save the time of the reader.

You might think, that it would increase the bounce rate of the website. This is partially true.

6. List Posts leave your reader Satisfied

All the benefits of the List posts cumulatively lead to a satisfied reader. A satisfied reader is very important for everything. One post share over the internet by a correct person over the internet can change the shape of your website.

Always try to deliver 110%.

Bonus Tip:

Now, that we have discussed the benefits of why it is important to create a list post, we can move on and give you a list of tactics which you can use to make this task SEO friendly.

Write list point as headers

I have seen a lot of people using bold texts for list posts. They are missing a very important SEO lesson of using headers. Lists are a good place to use header tags.

It’s always good to use h2 or h3 header tags while writing those list posts. It never hurts to make use of small SEO tactics. These SEO tactics bring a lot to the table in the long run.

How to create a List Post

There is a definitive guide which the users can follow to create a list post. All they have to do is to follow this step by step guide. In the end, they will have an SEO friendly List Blog post.

Step 1. Write the initial Paragraph

Start by writing the initial Paragraph. Make promises and grab the attention of the user.

If the user’s interest is grabbed, he will not leave without reading the full post.

Step 2. Do some research and break topic to smaller parts

Divide the topic into smaller parts. The division can be done in any format. All the generated point will become the list points of your post.

Step 3. Write Bulleted or numbered points.

Write the bulleted point first. Cut the extra words and create points with good headings. Never try to explain the points in this part.

Step 4. Elaborate

Now start writing about all of these bulleted points in detail. You can break one bulleted point to further few points. Elaborate as much as you can.

Step 5. Conclude

The conclusion is a post is very important. You should never leave the user in between. End up on the high note.


With that last point, I want to conclude the post. List Posts are very helpful for readers and SEO as well. It would be a bad practice not to follow this tactic.

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