The Roadmap of becoming a 6 figure copywriter( 2019 updated)

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Copywriting is made up of two words copy and writing. The process of changing the style and wording of a copy( web page, ad copy or whatever) for making it more sellable to the customer is known as copywriting.

Some of the experienced copywriters earn 6 figures through a single gig.

This is the field that has a lot of challenging work and allows you to improve in a lot of ways.

There are a few professional degrees that can lay the foundation of you becoming a copywriter, but you don’t need to have one for starting a career as a professional copywriter. And according to me, all these professional degrees are clear wastage of time and money.

There are a lot of free and paid guides that can help you get started for this new challenge.

A copywriting is not a simple 9-5 job. You can decide your hours of work and really work from places like beaches or from some hill station. The only thing that you need to have is your laptop and an internet connection. It’s a dream job for most of the people.

We have heard a lot of success stories for people who earned a lot with the awesome skill set and passion they had for writing.

This business insider post talks about how a person earned more than 100 grand a year in copywriting with only a year of experience.

Another good example related to this is The Huffington Post.

Before we head into the details of how to become a copywriter, let’s discuss a few traits that a copywriter should have.

A copywriter needs to have the following traits


A copywriter needs to know how to create and change copies which can engage the audience in a very creative way.

There are a lot of ways in which you can improve your creativity.

wikiHow has a great guide for this one.

Some of the important things that we liked are:

Taking a 30 circle test

The idea is to create 30 circles and draw something in as many circles as possible within 1 minute. This increases your robustness for new ideas.

It also helps you to improve the speed of incoming ideas as well.

Other things which can help are:

Gaining expertise on a certain topic

Reading random stuff deeply

Writing random stuff

Listening to random stuff

Creativity is not just a count of how many ideas do you have, it’s a count of the quality of your ideas and how feasible they are.

Quick learner

Copywriting is a field in which things change very quickly. You need to keep up the changes in the market and learn new ways as quickly as possible.

Nowadays, this is a requirement of every field. Due to the technological advancements standards changes in split seconds.


You need to keep an eye on how the changes you did are performing. If the changes lead to an increase in the tractions or lead to change in the number of sales, congratulations you have cracked this one.

Take the learning from the gig and add to your experience. It would be beneficial down the line.

In some of the cases, the copy will not perform as expected. In those cases, you have to find the reason.

At a basic level, you need to know how Google analytics work.

You can use A/B testing to check how changes work in smaller sets of the market.

A copywriter needs to know how to cut out the noise from the data and base their decisions on them.


Some of the changes take a few days to bring out the actual results. A copywriter needs to be patient to wait for the results of the changes made in the copies

Now that you know about the important traits that a copywriter should have, we can move forward and know what things you need to do to become a copywriter.

How to start your journey as a copywriter

There are a lot of ways in which you can start your career as a copywriter. We will discuss a few of them here.

Start small

It’s very important to start small. Don’t get carried away by some task that you can’t complete and pays you some good money. Any bad review can stop you from getting any further into the copywriting career.

There are a number of ways in which you can start small. Choose any one of those ways to get into the copywriting profile and start earning some few bucks from these small gigs. Here are some of the ways.

Sign up to freelance sites

This is one of the best ways to start small in the business of writing. Although it takes time and patience to get gigs when are new to these platforms.

We recommend using FreeLancer or UpWork.

Airtasker is a freelancing website which can help you earn extra cash for you work. They have a whole section for writers.

Most of the time, I have seen people sticking to their first time freelancer as they keep bringing the new gigs to the freelancing platforms.

Many times the companies mark people whom they want to give the gig in the first place.

At an early stage, you should bid for the small product with low returns. You have to spend some time convincing the provider that you are fit for providing the services that they are demanding.

For that, you might have to follow the steps discussed below.

Launch your Behance profile

Log in to Behance and share all your work over there. Ask all your clients to rate you on all your profiles. This will improve your authenticity for the upcoming customer. Share pictures of your work on all these platforms.

Start a blog/ Website

A copywriter must have something where he can show off some of his skills to the general public. What better way of doing this than owning a blog.

When a client asks you to show your existing work, you can show this blog/ website to them.

We already have shared a lot of stuff on how to start your own blogs easily.

Send out emails to potential clients

I don’t remember if I made this myself or I have heard it somewhere but,

If you don’t try there is 100% chance that you will fail. But if you try there is more than a 0% chance that you will succeed.

Choose your path wisely.

Email is still known to produce the highest conversions when it comes to business. So send out cold emails to the possible clients. Do some market research for that.

Go to conferences

Another good way to get the first gig is to go and meet new people at the conferences. A lot of times your potential client is there waiting for you.

Even today a lot of gigs never lands up on the freelancing websites and passed onto between the knowns using those small email boxes.

Use Twitter and FaceBook for your benefits

Share your gigs online and become active on the social media sharing things that you want to work in this field. Many times one of your friends might need your help in their family business or they might recommend it to there relative.

No matter what you do, your first task should be to take that first gig and learn whatever is required on the go.

Now that we know some basic stuff related to copywriting, I hope you guys will go out and start executing it in real life.

Here are some of the other FAQs that you might have in your mind.

What is copywriting?

A copywriter’s main job is to bring more sales to the organization for which he/she is working. Mainly they work to change or tweak the content( text, audio or video) in such a way that the final result should produce better results than any of the previous versions.

This might lead to an increase in the number of sales or increasing the number of sign-ups.

What are the tasks performed by a copywriter?

A copywriter should have a knowledge of what works in the market and what not. He/She should be able to analyze the result and act accordingly to produce products that can increase the revenue for the organization or the client. We have discussed some of the tasks in the post itself.

What you need to know before becoming a copywriter?

The best way to get started is to head up to the freelancing websites and analyze what people really want and try to produce a quick sample for the clients to see. Share the quick sample with the client and tell them how to improve it quickly.

Doing something in this way will help your clients to choose you over other competitors.

How to penetrate the competitive market?

Write blog posts.

Write guest posts.

Join social media groups.

What are the options for a copywriter?

Become a freelancer

Join a firm

Join a startUp

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