Sell why, not what with a 5 step formula( which works)

December 4, 2018 · 3 mins read
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Selling is a combination of using good tactics and having good knowledge of the problem being solved.

Today, I am going to talk on similar lines along with the strategy you should use to drive that subconscious brain. I am going to come up with a 5 process formula that always works.

  1. Introduction
  2. Story
  3. Content
  4. Transition
  5. Pitch


Introduce the topic to the people in a way so that people feel connected to the people. A person should start thinking, well I have been in the situation before. Oh, this is exactly what happened to me.

Don’t take much of the person’s time in introducing the topic but take enough time such that the user feels connected. Once you have the customer feeling connected to you. You can ask him/her to do whatever you want.

Always give the answer of What’s in it for you.

In the introduction itself, always through things to the customer like, you will learn the following if you go through this particular thing.

Until the person got the answer to the question in the introduction, they will stay in there.


This part is hard to do but can be done easily with some experience. You have conveyed whatever you want to in the form of a story. People tend to understand more in this way.

The purpose of the story is to make a connection.

You want to make them feel like that if your earlier customers can do it, they can do it as well. They can reach to the level as your old customers.

Let’s say you are selling a course to a customer. You may want to show the testimonials of the old customers who have incredibly turned their life around after taking the course.

Take the customer through the pain and hardship that they are currently facing and how this product will take it away from them.


The purpose of content is to share the information, improve credibility and build up the value.

Show everything is stepped format, How will that work in 5 steps. This will create a blueprint for everything in their minds. They will know how things will work with much clarity.

You can also show them diagrams. Don’t let the customer lose it.

This is the point where you are going to sell. Most of the people think that pitch is the point where the actual sale happens but real selling happens at this point.


This is a good part of the sale. Answer the why in this place.

Set the correct energy and tone. You have to make use of the high energy of the customer toward you. Keep a high tone during the pitch as well. After answering all the questions don’t lower the tone.

If you take your tone down, the conscious mind of the customer kicks in and they start thinking that if the product is even good for them to buy.


The purpose of this part is not to make the sale but to confirm it.

This is the part in which you give the offer and tries to close the deal as quickly as possible. The more time you take to close the more likely it is the condition that the person will not buy it from you.

Do you some other process that you want to share. Do write to us. Thanks for stopping by.

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