Working properly with Django Choices

April 17, 2018

The default implementation of choices in Django is not very intuitive and we repeat a lot of code while using them. Django choices act as an enum for the fields. We can choose from the various options whose value can be assigned to a given field.

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How to install nginx in Ubuntu 16.04

January 11, 2018

Today we are going to talk about the installation process of nginx which is used as a server and is known for the providing better services in the production environment. I have been using apache2 from a long time. Recently, I got the opportunity to use nginx for one of my recent project. Before starting I want to say that I was already using apache2 for any service I was providing and using on my local services. If you already have apache2 installed and you want to run nginx then you have to stop the apache2 two service otherwise you will receive the error like:

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How to add social sharing buttons on your Jekyll Blog using GitHub pages

November 28, 2017

Having a social share button with social media icons on your blog provides a lot of freedom to the content creators. With social share buttons or social media icons, you are asking your readers to share your content with there links on the social platforms. Social share buttons provide free and useful traffic to your website and allow you to worry less about things like whether the user will like your content or not.

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