Using my own coded software to study for Exams

July 4, 2016

Some time ago sir hosted a hackathon to make some progress to enhance the ebook software that he was using on his website. Everyone was given a specific task on that day. My task was to read the script and make some changes in the script. But some reason we had to drop that idea. So I decided to start building something new instead.

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How to simplify command's name in Ubuntu

July 1, 2016

I love the amount of freedom given to you as a user when you work on a system with Ubuntu installed on it. So, I was not having sudo powers for the installing meteor on the server, So I asked one of the server admin(Mandeep) to do it for me. He told me that I don’t need to be signed as a root admin. I was not sure about it as their was a error when I was running the command to install meteor.

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How to show html on the browser

June 27, 2016

Sometimes we want to share HTML code on the browser, for example, today I wanted to give a presentation. This presentation was made with the help of reveal.js. Now reveal.js uses HTML to make presentations. There was some HTML code that I wanted to show on the browser. I searched on the web and found pre and code tag along with blockquote to show HTML on browser but it wasn’t working as it was taking some of the HTML tags in the code and executing them.

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Meteor.js : Working with routes

June 23, 2016

As we all know that meteor can only be used to create a single page web apps. Still there are many instances when one want to work with different URL’s on a web applications.

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Creating a design with media queries

June 21, 2016

Media queries are used to tell the browser about the various breaking points in the website so that we can give a different css styling for all those breaking points. This type of CSS is used to make the website responsive. Breaking points are the widths at which the design breaks or is damaged.

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Merge Sort Program using JavaScript

June 20, 2016

So I was trying to create a Merge sort program using JS. Before trying to make the program we first have to understand what is the concept of merge Sort. To get a good example I went to wikipedia where I found very interesting GIF which explained the the basics of Merge sort.

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