How to create a session variable in Django

August 3, 2016

Long time ago browser developers recognized that we need to store the data produced during a user session so that we can refer to that data in the future. The user actions can lead to some calculations and after doing this cumbersome calculations we don’t want to do the calculations again and again.

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Simple JavaScript program that handle Keyboard events

July 31, 2016

In this post I am going to talk about one of important aspect in programming i.e. handling keyboard events. Now being important doesn’t mean that it is difficult but I have to admit that I haven’t tried it from the day I had started programming. Now I was working with one of my friend and she wanted me to do it for her. I found the task interesting as I haven’t done it earlier.

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Adding a tuple to the end of the basic tuple in python

July 30, 2016

Another problem was encountered while working on the python web framework, Django. But this time the problem was more of the language oriented rather than being framework oriented. As I am not a python programmer so I never knew these basic things. So, first of all I was getting an error, whose statement went like this :

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How to Create documentation using Doxygen in Ubuntu

July 7, 2016

Doxygen is a tool to create documentation for your program/project written in languages like C, C++, Java, Python and so on. It reads the well-formatted and special Doxygen comments to create the required documentation. This documentation is very important for the new developers who want to help in the development of the project.

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