Newer version of Projection Project

March 26, 2016 · 1 min read

I have made some improvements as suggested by  the other GD members during my presentation of my projection project.

I made use of loops and functions while writing the code.

Used JavaScript to write HTML.

And added a feature where user can give the number of legs by himself(which can be both even and odd).

Only one input field and one canvas is shown at a time so that the user does not need to scroll down.

User can click on the buttons to see other views.

This is the GitHub link.

Features that were installed by the help of GD members.

  1. It should accept the number of legs from the user.
  2. functions and loops must be used.
So, I used the opportunity to make this. I also added some features myself for example :-

  1. Making a single page structure.
  2. Using bootstrap to make a responsive structure.
  3. Using only one canvas to make all the structures.
  4. 6 Text fields to take data which are shown one by one to the inputs.
This is the link for the slide and the link for live example :-

Newer version live example.

The link to the presentation made on this is also available here.


The presentation is made in reveal.js. Learn how to create a presentation in reveal.js by clicking here.


Ranvir Singh

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