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May 30, 2016 · 1 min read
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I was given a new task to run and use DesignAids on my system.

This links to the GitHub repository of DesignAids.

According to the file I have to install some preliminary softwares before trying my hand with the DesignAids. These softwares include LaTex, SageMath and biber.

So, I am going to install the first software i.e. LaTex. The internet connection is weak due to the weather problem so I have to wait for long time before this task is complete.

Installing LaTex. Installing SageMath and Biber.

After doing all these things I had to clone this DesignAids repository to my local computer. I created a directory in documents folder and clonned the repository inside it using the command.

git clone
After cloning I changed directory inside this folder and then used these command to run main.tex file

1)pdflatex main.tex
2)biber main
3)sage main.sagetex.sage
4)pdflatex main.tex
After this I used make command to run this file.

make view
make clean
Screenshot from 2016-05-31 02-29-42

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