Meteors : The full stack JavaScript framework

April 7, 2016 · 1 min read
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So, the first framework that I came across was Meteor.js

Meteor.js is the full-stack framework which make use of the whole stack and implements it in a better and simple way.

Some of the features of meteor.js are:-

  1. It is a very mature framework with a lot of facilities.
  2. Server-side and client code is the same.
  3. Server-side code is based on Node.js So, no need to learn any other language.
  4. Fb, google authentication is already available.
  5. Deployment of the app is very easy. After making the app you can deploy it on
  6. Documentation is great and is easy to learn.
  7. Android or ios apps can be made.
There are also many times when you don’t want to use Meteor. for example:-

  1. When you want to build a website and not an app that you want to work on almost every device.

  2. If you want an app in which you want lesser server interaction because this technology uses a lot of the space in the RAM making the system slower.


So, you should start a project in meteor.js. You can work in this framework if you have some prior knowledge of HTML, CSS and JavaScript. If you have that then it’s the time to get your hands dirty by writing some of the syntaxes in the language.


Ranvir Singh

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