Learning Meteor

June 11, 2016 · 1 mins read

Meteor is a JavaScript web development framework. Which does most of it’s work using the most used language of the web i.e. JavaScript so if you are an experienced JS developer you will have no difficulty in grabing most of it’s concepts. I have created a sample app for the web using this framework. This app is used to manage your tasks and can be easily setup using. The apps developed in meteor can be easily converted into an android or ios app increasing the user base. Due to this reason this framework is very popular among the developers. That is why it is the top ten most starred repository on the web. The language at the backend of the meteor is also JS. So many times the code for both things turns out to be similar. So you don’t have to write things again and again. File structure is self describable with self explanatory meanings and can be easily understood.Database used is NOSql : MongoDB making it favourable for data analysts to try thier hand on the data provided to them according to the user’s action on the website and create a better user experience and in the end increasing the revenue generated by companies. Meteor also provide free hosting to the small apps with some special domain for it’s users. You just have to sign up on their official website and they will provide it for you. The setup for the production is almost similar to the testing. You can launch your app on the production and check for it’s performance and later buying your own domain, if it works fine. Meteor is built on the top of Node.js. So, you have to install node before using this extensively used framework. After three easy commands you will be able to run the sample program already created for you by the meteor team.

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