How to become Node.js developer | Coming back from OOP background

April 8, 2019 · 2 mins read
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As soon as the people started writing JavaScript for backend, a lot of people from the frontend started writing the backend code. Node made it really easy to switch between the frontend and backend development roles.

Hello guys, It has been a while since I last posted on this platform. Will start to do that again and keep posting on new and cool things I found about.

So, I have started working with another organization and the stack that they are using is totally different from the last one. Although the concept almost remains the same, there are always some changes involved and a change in thinking patterns are required. The problem statement is totally different. The challenges involved are related to scaling things in a proper manner.

I will keep posting new updates related to things I learn on the JavaScript section of this blog.

The stack involved extensive usage of Node.js, MongoDB and AWS. I started out by learning Node.js from various resources. The best resource that I found to date is

They provide a simple command line tool and take you through the basics of Node.js. They also provide you with the various challenges which you can complete and pass on to the next challenges.

I mostly believe in learning by doing kind of format, so I try to solve small bugs and issues in the already written code. If possible you can start a small project of your own and take it to the very end.

One thing that is very hard to grasp for a Python or any other class-based programmer in JS is the way Promises and functional programming works. I had to work a lot in solving anything related to that.

After doing the first few exercises, I was able to get most of the things and started contributing to the code.

Another thing which the JS community lacks is the implementation of coding standards and style guides. Although I really liked but implementing them in an existing codebase is a hell of a task. Many times people don’t feel like the ROI (Return on Investment) with such task is that great.

Thanks for stopping by, Please share your valuable views on how you guys got started and what other things that you like or hate about JS.

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