How to increase your CTR( by more than 34%)

December 4, 2018 · 2 mins read
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Not a long ago, I was going through a post on, where the explained on how to increase the Click through rate of a link by using some psychological approaches. According to the post, Hubspot and Outbrain, came together and analyses millions of titles and come to one single conclusion.

It won’t take more than a few seconds to apply this in your blog. You can use this tactic to produce awesome results and create more search traffic for your website.

And the answer is, brackets: () or []

Brackets get 38% more clicks than a title with no brackets. Well I tried to make use of this strategy. So from now on I am going to make use of these brackets in all the posts that I am going to write.

Thinking back, I also feel like even I tend to click on the links with title having brackets in them.

Let’s see some good examples

I am fond of reading tech blogs as they are needed in my day to day work. I was trying to learn something related to aggregate in MongoDb. So I decided to search for it. I went through some of the links but the one which caught my eye was the following.

How to use Mongo aggregates( with ease).

This link was shouting at me to click on it. I went throught the post, although it was a great post but the title was what brought me to the link at the first place.

Non-blog websites

This thing also works on non-blog websites, for example if someone is selling a white board on ebay and has one of these two titles,

White Board

white Board (4*3)

Which one of them are you likely to choose on any day. I would personally go with second one. So will be the most of us.

Improving search engine ranking

As more and more people are going to click on the post and google recording each click, will tell google to put the link in a better position.

How to use this strategy?

Now that you know the tactic, you have to make use of it. But before going to your blog and filling each and every page title with brackets, there a few things that you might want to look into.

The words used the brackets should tell more about the link, it should be answering a sigle question. What will I see when I will open this link.

For example:

Make use of some of these.


(Last call)

(With examples)

(and some extra reward.)

There are so many things that you can create in there. You just need to be a little creative on that front.

Please share your comments, if you have tried this strategy before. Also, let us know about the results.

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